Benefits of using G Suite for your business

  Hey guys! If you didn’t already know, you can use G Suite to manage your business from anywhere. If you’re already a Google or Gmail user, you basically get all the same tools but for your business. I use it for my email instead of using the limited email workspace that my domain provider offers. With G Suite you can use a professional email like yourname@yourdomain.com for only $5 a month, plus you get 30 GB of storage. That alone is usually more than what you get with a starter email plan elsewhere. I also like that I can create a…

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Three basic terms to know when starting a website

  Three basic terms to know when starting a website Are you or have you ever thought about building a new website but feel overwhelmed as to where to start? Well, you aren’t alone. Often time when I get calls from potential clients about starting or redesigning a website they are lost as to what the difference is between hosting and domains and all the website jargon. If you are one of these people, I don’t blame you. The technical side, or behind the scenes of a website that allow for a pretty home page can be tricky. I’m going to…

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